Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Oodles of Doodles

We recently received our new telephone directories, meaning the old ones must go out. But I could not stand the thought of throwing it away ... all that paper! And I came to the conclusion that it actually makes up for cool graphics, therefore I covered my lever arch files with telephone directory pages !!! I obviously combined it with some illustrations (i call them doodles) of my own, done in gouache paint...and this was the result! I love it...and it actually inspired me to maybe, in the far future, do a kitchen/linen/stationery range with similar illustrations :-) What do you guys think?


  1. Love this!The pages make a great back ground...crazy million possibilties I think! I was thinking origami animals in those pages would be a great way to recycle those pages...

    Would love to see that stationary collection!

  2. Thanx Tina! Love the idea of the origami! I'll probably have to stiffen the pages in some way, because they're quite thin...but anything's possible. I see a visit to the library coming up for some origami books :-)

  3. hahaha ek was deel van daai uitstappie!! Origami klink nogsteeds vir my soos iets wat ek kan eet. mmmm heerlike happie origami coming up!!