Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Coast(er) to Coast(er)'s been a while..but little miss green things is so busy preparing for all her upcoming market days that blogging, sadly, shifted down on the priority list. But I thought I should at least post something ... just to prove that I'm still alive and kicking :-)

Well, every crafter probably tries to decoupage at least once in their lifetime...and I think I've reached that stage where I should at least try and test everything. I've actually managed to collect quite a bit of serviettes over the years - yes YEARS (I really don't like throwing anything away) :-) - and thought I might as well put them to use in some way or another. The end result was coasters...lots and lots of them. Bright, happy and VERY colourful coasters. I think they might even look good as little pieces of artworks in a collage on a wall :-)