Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My week in Robertson

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting my sister in Robertson. She recently started working there and managed to find a beautiful old house, right next to her workplace mind you, to stay in. At some stage during the past, the house was actually divided into two halves ... the left wing is now occupied by my sis and the rest of the friends and family are continuously looking for any possible excuse to visit (my mother and myself being first in line :-). There is still a lot of work to be done, but with the typical beauty and character of an old house, I just had to take some pictures of some of the nooks and corners that she has decorated.

The original front entrance. It forms part of the right wing unfortunately,
but I still find it beautiful and striking.

The entire facade and 'voorstoep'.

The 'new' front entrance to the left wing, entering the living room ... love it!

The old sash window in the living room looking out onto the street.

One of the three flower pots in the dining room's window sill.

My favourite .... especially the paper maché sheep :-)

Feel the love :-)

The sill display in the spare room ... just love the old big windows.

Home is where the heart is ... one of the many lovely handmade hearts
displayed in and around the house

Green Glorious Green! Looking forward to my next stay sis :-)